Pam Barrett Hackett
                                                                                                Pam Barrett Hackett

Pam Barrett Hackett

Artist Statement:


I am a painter, drawn to create spaces; illusory, internal landscapes. The imagery in my paintings is universal in nature, and placed in an ambiguous context of layered texture and luminosity. I work primarily in encaustic, cold wax, and oil paints. I paint intuitively, layering, incising, and scraping encaustic paint, and drawing and glazing with oils, pastels and other pigments between layers.  Using a visual language inspired by the structures of biology, geology, and geography, I explore thresholds between the visceral and the visible; thresholds that embody the organic exchange between matter and ether, and the permeable margins of the spirit.


I begin a piece with little direction, and no attachment to the result of my activity. Each mark is made in intuitive reaction to the ones before it, each layer informing the next. I work on multiple paintings at a given time, moving between pieces in each studio session. My paintings are in progress for weeks, sometimes months, building a physical history of waxy layers, scraped, scratched, burnished, and drawn into. In the studio, there is a constant pull between the calls of space and surface, each vying for my attention. I have found that a piece begins to feel finished only when these two forces are in balance.

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